A Man Like None Other Chapter 49

Shifting sideways, Steven dodged Luca’s blow. After having done so, he didn’t make a move but cast his gaze at Walter and asserted, “As I said, I don’t want to make an enemy out of you, Mr. Grange. Are you really going to force my hand?”
Walter’s expression was grim, and he didn’t say a single word.
Luca, on the other hand, felt humiliated that Steven managed to dodge his blow effortlessly. His temper spiked, and he thundered, “Stop yakking! Here I come!”
Pulling back his fist, he swung it right at Steven. If that blow found its target, the man’s head would likely explode on the spot.
Steven’s gaze narrowed, and fury reddened his face. “Since you insist, I’m not going to pull my punches anymore!” he spat.
After saying that, he reached out and grabbed Luca’s wrist before throwing a left uppercut at the man.
Shocked, Luca jerked his head to the side and kicked his leg out to force the man back.
To his surprise, Steven didn’t dodge but allowed the kick to land squarely on his chest. However, the forceful recoil sent Luca flying instead.
It took considerable effort before he finally regained his footing. Upon noticing the astonished expressions of the people around him, he instantly roared, “One of us must die today, Steven!”
While saying that, he charged at Steven once more.
“Stop!” As he was streaking toward the man, a figure abruptly appeared in front of him and brought him up short.
“You’re not his match, so it’s pointless to continue fighting him. I’ll fight him instead,” Kai stated, blocking Luca’s path.
A wave of mortification inundated him, and Luca snapped, “Step aside! You’ll probably die from a single punch, considering your physique!”
At that moment, he had lost all sanity, which was why he dared speak to the man so impudently, forgetting that Kai was someone even Walter revered.
That said, he had never witnessed Kai’s capabilities, so he hadn’t much respect for him in truth. He merely treated him politely because of Walter.
One’s capability in martial arts increases by natural progression in time. He’s just a snot-nosed kid in his early twenties, so how skilled could he be even if he had started training while still in his mother’s womb?
“Shut up! How dare you insult Mr. Chance, you b*stard?” Walter lambasted when he heard Luca’s insolent remark toward Kai.
He seldom reprimanded Luca and had never regarded him as someone inferior to himself, but he didn’t dare allow the latter to act so audaciously when he dared to speak to Kai in such a manner.
Luca went silent, but there wasn’t much respect for Kai in his eyes. He feared Walter, but not Kai.
At that exact moment, Josephine rushed up and tugged at Kai, urging, “Don’t be a hero! Didn’t you see that even Tommy and Luca weren’t his match? You’re just a medical practitioner, so don’t poke your nose into this matter!”
She presumed that he was only well-versed in medicine and wasn’t good at anything else.
“I should showcase my capabilities since there’s such a fitting occasion today. Otherwise, how am I going to be worthy of an heiress like you when I’m a pauper?”
The second Josephine heard that, a shy look appeared on her face.
This is the first time he’s ever uttered such a remark in public! Isn’t this tantamount to a confession?
“I don’t care about that! I just don’t want you to take any risks!”
She clutched at his arm so that he couldn’t make a move.
“Hurry up and step aside! You might get caught in the crossfire, so this isn’t the time for you to be a hero!” Luca growled with a disdainful expression when he heard that Kai was stepping forward to flaunt his capabilities.
After saying that, he leaped up again and lunged at Steven.
“Oh well. I already told you that you’re not his match, but you just want to go and get yourself beaten up! What an idiot!”
Kai shook his head in exasperation.
“Stop commenting! Come, let’s go back quickly!”
Josephine proceeded to drag him back to their seats.
This time, Luca had just reached Steven after leaping into the air when he was kicked in the chest squarely by the man. Blood trickled out the corner of his mouth.
At that sight, Walter and the others were all stunned to the core.

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