A Man Like None Other Chapter 48

“What insolence!”
Walter slammed his hand on the table as he went through the roof.
All the guests present were terror-stricken at his wrath. Beside him, Luca leaped up and landed squarely before Tommy when he saw Walter going off the deep end.
“You’re courting death to challenge even Mr. Grange, Steven!”
Sheer menace radiated off Luca, and his bones popped audibly.
Halting in his attack, Steven eyed the man with a frown. “You might not necessarily be able to defeat me if we were to battle it out today. Furthermore, I have dozens of lackeys with me!”
“Hmph! We’ll only know about that after giving it a try!”
Snorting, Luca dropped into a fighting stance right away.
“I initially didn’t want to make an enemy out of you, Mr. Grange, but you keep forcing my hand. Let me tell you that the Crimson Dragon Gang is no easy prey either! If worse comes to worst, we’ll all fight to the death! If that happens, no one will be leaving this place alive!”
Steven’s eyes glinted coldly, seemingly long since prepared to go as far as risking his life.
Walter’s face was bright red, and he shook with rage. No one in Horington has ever dared to go against me, but today, he humiliated me thoroughly!
Nonetheless, he was caught in a dilemma at the sight of the dozens of men who exuded murder behind Steven. He came prepared, so it’d be really tricky if things were to come to a head.
“Let me end things with Steven today, Mr. Grange. You don’t need to intervene in this matter.”
Tommy naturally discerned the man’s hesitance. With that said, he made the first move and attacked Steven.
He punched his fist forward with a whizzing sound as it cut through the air. The speed was lightning fast, and its force was the maximum he could manage.
After all, he knew that he couldn’t show the slightest reservation when he dueled with Steven.
When Steven saw him attacking, a sneer showed on his face. He made no move to dodge but faced the man’s blow head-on.
Tommy’s fist struck Steven’s chest hard. The forceful recoil had the former stumbling back three steps, but the latter remained rooted to the spot without even a single scratch on him.
Tommy’s face paled, and he stared at Steven with trepidation in his eyes. His capabilities actually grew again!
“Haha… Tommy, your punch was nothing more than a tickle! Don’t stop. Go on and hit me!”
Steven threw his head back and roared with laughter, not taking the other man seriously at all.
Tommy was a formidable figure, so he couldn’t possibly withstand Steven’s public insult and challenge.
With a bellow, he again charged at Steven, but he snagged a wooden chair this time.
The chair came down on the man hard and instantly splintered into smithereens, yet he remained standing there without moving an inch.
“I’ve already mastered the Impenetrable Skill, so you can’t injure me. Now, it’s my turn!”
No sooner had Steven finished speaking than he swung his leg out at Tommy.
Having no time to dodge, Tommy was sent flying by that kick. He coughed up blood and collapsed onto the ground, his face contorting from the excruciating pain.
When Kai saw his condition, he frowned and wanted to get to his feet, but Josephine stopped him from doing so. “Don’t be a hero! He seems to be exceedingly skilled, so you might not be his match!”
She was worried that he couldn’t defeat Steven and would end up injured instead.
She was still unaware of the relationship between Kai and Tommy, thus having no idea that the former wouldn’t sit idly by no matter how powerful Steven was.
Before Kai could act, Walter ordered, “Teach him a lesson, Luca!”
Nodding, Luca balled his fists and lunged at Steven.
In the face of the man’s attack, Steven wasn’t as relaxed anymore, nor did he dare stand there and allow the blow to land on him.
After all, Luca’s punch was far more superior than Tommy’s in terms of both force and speed. In fact, it had already reached its ultimate extent.

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