A Man Like None Other Chapter 50

Luca could feel his face burning hotly. He distinctly sensed that Steven had held back when the latter kicked him. But as Walter’s bodyguard, he was beyond mortified, especially when a crowd was watching. Right then, he would rather be beaten to death than admit defeat.
After all, martial artists regarded their dignity as of far greater import than their lives. If I were to admit defeat today, my reputation would be thereby tarnished! Not only will I be unable to survive in this circle in the future, but Walter will also probably terminate my services!
“You don’t have to hold back, Steven. I don’t mind dying today, but I can’t lose!”
As soon as he finished speaking, his face turned bright red, and his body started swelling.
“Storm Fist!”
Following that bellow, his body seemingly deflated in the blink of an eye and returned to normal. However, his body flew out like a cannonball.
Steven frowned and snapped, “It looks like you’re not going to give up unless I use my ultimate technique!”
He crouched slightly, upon which the marble floor under his feet promptly cracked, and his clothes billowed though there was no wind.
“Here I come!”
Luca’s eyes started turning scarlet, and he struck the man hard.
The earth-splitting sound sounded just like thunder, causing everyone to cover their ears at once.
Steven remained unmoved, his body as still as a statue. In other words, the blow hadn’t hurt him in the slightest.
Luca was nonplussed, but his fists then started raining down on the man in the next moment.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
“That’s about enough!” Right after saying that, Steven threw his fist out.
The two men’s fists collided. Luca flew out, slamming heavily on the ground, unable to get to his feet for some time.
At that turn of events, everyone was staggered. Even Walter was so shocked that his jaw dropped.
A shudder went through Tommy, for he didn’t expect Steven to have grown so much stronger. Trembling inwardly, he surreptitiously fixated his gaze on Kai. Right now, he’s probably the only person who can defeat Steven!
Luca, who was on the ground, struggled to get up. Alas, he failed even after trying twice.
“F-From whom did you learn your Impenetrable Skill?” Luca asked in utter shock.
“Francis Yancey. Do you know of him?” Steven replied as he straightened to his full height.
When that name rang out, Luca’s expression changed drastically, and he appeared very much fearful. Tommy, on the other hand, shook like a leaf.
It was clear as day that they both knew of that man, and the person was exceedingly powerful.
The others, however, hadn’t much of a reaction, making it abundantly clear that they were unfamiliar with that name.
“W-Who is Mr. Yancey to you?” Luca inquired.
“He’s my mentor. I learned the Impenetrable Skill from him.”
When Steven’s answer drifted into Luca’s ears, he became morose. Sighing, he shook his head and remarked, “No wonder I’m not your match. It turns out that you’ve gotten Mr. Yancey to be your mentor. I admit defeat.”
The man surprisingly admitted defeat. He initially wanted to fight to the death, but he yielded after hearing Francis’ name.
Kai’s brows furrowed slightly, and he turned to Tommy. “Who’s this Francis Yancey?”
“He’s an expert in ancient martial arts and possesses great internal energy. No one knows his true capability, but rumor has it that he can injure someone with a mere leaf!”
When Tommy spoke of Francis, fear lingered within him.
“Injure someone with a mere leaf?” Kai chuckled softly. “Like this?”
As he said that, he picked up a toothpick. With a flick of his finger, it shot right at Steven.
Steven hadn’t even the time to react when the toothpick penetrated his arm with only a tiny bit sticking out.

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