A Man Like None Other Chapter 47

“Huh?” William was momentarily stunned by Kai’s negative reply that came so swiftly, but in the next instant, he remarked smilingly, “That’s fine. While Josephine is a girl, she’s very skilled at running a company and doing business, so she can handle it alone!”
The man then left after saying that.
As Kai gazed at his back, a wry smile manifested on his face since he could understand William’s concern.
Josephine is his only daughter, so she’ll be inhering the family business in the future. If I were to truly end up with his daughter, someone would need to bear the heavy burden. Alas, I really don’t have much of an interest in business!
Soon, everyone had had their fill and bid each other farewell in preparation for leaving.
But at that precise moment, the door of the banquet hall was pushed open, and dozens of men rushed in with weapons in their hands. The man in the lead appeared savage and radiated a faint aura, so one could tell that he was a martial artist at a single glance.
At the sight of the people who abruptly barged in, shock swept over all the guests there. In a trice, Walter’s expression turned chilly. Beside him, Luca instantly whipped out a half-foot-long machete from his waistbelt and stood before Walter.
“Security! Where’s security?” William shouted at the top of his lungs when he saw the men charging in.
Alas, not a single security guard appeared.
“Save it, Mr. Sullivan. None of your security guards will be coming in,” the man in the lead stated coldly.
“Why did you suddenly barge in with so many men, Steven? Do you know that this banquet is hosted by Mr. Grange?” William chided loudly.
It turned out that the men were from the Crimson Dragon Gang, and the person in the lead was the gang leader, Steven Fisher.
Steven strode over to Walter and bowed low, murmuring, “I don’t mean to intrude, Mr. Grange. I’m just here to look for Tommy!”
By then, Tommy’s hands had long since clenched into fists. From the second Steven stepped in the door, he knew that the man was there for him.
The Templar Regiment and the Crimson Dragon Gang were mortal rivals. The two of them were likewise sworn enemies, but neither could do anything to the other for the time being.
Usually, Tommy brought a large number of men along whenever he attended an event. Unfortunately, he was a tad careless in attending Walter’s banquet this time, for he didn’t bring anyone with him. There was another reason for that—he wasn’t worried since Kai would be there.
He must have caught wind of it somehow, so he rushed over with his men. As long as he kills me, the Templar Regiment would be left without a leader and end up being annexed by the Crimson Dragon Gang in no time!
“I don’t care about that! How dare you barge into my banquet?” Walter barked, his expression icy.
“As I said, Mr. Grange, I’m only here to settle the score with Tommy! I had no choice but to break in!” Steven replied respectfully.
“Nonsense!” Walter slammed his hand onto the table without warning. “Are you going against me?”
“I don’t wish to do so, Mr. Grange. However, I also don’t want to allow Tommy any chance of escaping as this is a rare opportunity. Besides, the fact that you only invited him to such an important banquet without extending me the invitation makes it clear that you look down upon the Crimson Dragon Gang,” Steven countered in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing.
It was plain as day that he was resentful that Walter hadn’t invited him.
On the other hand, Walter didn’t invite the man because the enmity between him and Tommy ran too deep, so much so that his appearance would pose a problem.
“Steven, don’t tell me—”
His face flushed bright red with rage when he saw that Steven wasn’t giving him any quarter.
But before he could finish speaking, Tommy stepped forward. “It’s my problem, so I’ll handle it by myself. Since you’re here for me, let’s have a duel!”
After saying that, he dropped into a fighting stance, ready to face Steven’s attack anytime.
“I laud your guts! In that case, I’ll kill you today before taking over your Templar Regiment!”
While saying that, Steven charged at Tommy.

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