A Man Like None Other Chapter 40

Chapter 40,A Man Like None Other
Chuckling, Jared stood there and waited for Josephine. Many ladies who spotted him when they walked past inexorably turned back and stole another glance at him. Several of them even came over to him and asked for his contact, but he turned them all down. Coincidentally, Sandy and Juliette were also shopping on the other side of the mall. Still seething after having been hauled over the coals the day before, Sandy planned to go on a shopping spree to cheer herself up.
“Quick, look, Sandy! A handsome man is standing across from us! His back alone is mesmerizing!” Juliette said to Sandy in an excited voice. Hearing that, Sandy hastily lifted her head and cast her gaze over. Sure enough, she caught sight of a tall man in a suit standing ramrod straight opposite them.

From his mere back, one could sense the noble aura he exuded. “Could it just be someone with an arresting figure but unsightly looks?” she wondered in a whisper. “No way! I can sense that he’s definitely a handsome man! You’ve already got Mr. Scott, so leave this gorgeous specimen to me, Sandy!” No sooner had Juliette finished speaking than she eagerly rushed over. Sandy was also curious, so she promptly followed.

“Are you waiting for someone, handsome?” Juliette questioned, moving forward and tapping the man’s shoulder. But the instant the man turned around, both Juliette and Sandy were wholly confounded. “J-Jared? Why is it you?” Juliette exclaimed with surprise written all over her face. Sandy was staggered as well, for she had never seen this side of Jared despite having been with him for a few years. It looks like clothes really do make the man!

“Why not?” Jared sneered when he saw that it was Juliette and Sandy. “How could you patronize this mall? The things here are extremely expensive!” Juliette demanded with a puzzled expression. The products in this mall were so expensive that ordinary people couldn’t afford to shop here. In her eyes, his family background was far below average, so it made no sense that he’d appear in the mall. Besides, the clothes he was wearing seemed to have cost a fortune!

“Is this your family’s mall? I can patronize it anytime I want to do so!” Jared retorted unceremoniously, instantly leaving her speechless. “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, Jared! You can never become someone of high standing even if you dress the part. How shameful to buy some imitation suit somewhere and come here in hopes of hooking up! Bah!” Sandy proceeded to spit at the man. Before Jared could speak, Josephine strode over.

“That’s none of your business, you shrew! Wipe your filth off him!” Josephine ordered, pointing at the spit on his clothes with a frosty expression. When Sandy saw her, unease crept into her eyes. Crap! As the daughter of the richest man in Horington, I’m nothing when compared to her! Nonetheless, she was naturally chagrined to be rebuked in front of so many people in the mall. Not only that, but she was instructed to wipe Jared’s clothes too.

Thus, she still tried her best to maintain her composure. “Y-You’d better watch your tongue! Stop throwing your weight around just because you’re the heiress of the Sullivan family!” “I told you to wipe it off. Are you deaf? Say, if I were to slap you across the face now, would Leyton dare seek me out to avenge you?” It was clear as day that Josephine’s imposing aura intimidated Sandy, for the latter started trembling imperceptibly.

She knew that she would only suffer the slap in vain because Leyton wouldn’t make an enemy out of the Sullivan family for her sake. Meanwhile, the corners of Jared’s mouth turned up as he stared at her. He merely watched with a sneer without saying anything. “I’ll do it! I’ll wipe it!”

Upon seeing that things were going downhill, Juliette quickly took out a piece of tissue to wipe the spit off Jared’s clothes on Sandy’s behalf. “Who do you think you are? How dare you think that you’re worthy of touching my boyfriend?”

Josephine pushed her away in short order. Juliette felt so mortified that her face flushed bright red, but she didn’t dare utter a single word of protest. Even Sandy didn’t dare offend Josephine, much less her.

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