A Man Like None Other Chapter 39

Chapter 39,A Man Like None Other
Focal Mall was an exceedingly renowned shopping mall in Horington with almost all the major brands available. Hence, Jared was a tad surprised that Josephine brought him there. “Did you bring me here to accompany you shopping?” he inquired apprehensively. After all, it was a vastly scary matter to accompany a female shopping, and he had personally experienced the horror of it. Back then, he once went shopping with Sandy, and she spent the entire day at the mall.
Therefore, he was seriously traumatized. “Why, are you not willing to do so?” Josephine countered, looking him straight in the eye. “Of course not!” Jared shook his head in denial. If I’m honest, I’m pretty proud to accompany her shopping since her status and looks are top-notch. Innumerable men will envy me for getting to keep such a woman company while she shops! But then, I’ve got something to do at noon.

I’ve already promised to meet Walter, so I can’t stand him up. “I’ve got a prior appointment at noon, so I’m afraid that I might run late,” Jared answered honestly. “I don’t care what appointment you have, but your main task now is to keep me company while I shop!” After saying that, Josephine dragged him into the mall. There was a dazzling array of products, but Josephine towed him over to the section selling men’s clothes before holding up shirt after shirt in front of him. “Are you planning to buy me clothes?” Jared exclaimed in astonishment.

“Who else would I be buying clothes for? My closet at home is already bursting at the seams.” Josephine wasn’t idle as she spoke, her hands flipping through the clothes. In the end, she chose a suit and placed it in his hand. “Go and try it on!” Jared stood rooted to the spot for a moment with the suit in his hand. Seeing that, she remarked, “Hmm? Are you waiting for me to go into the fitting room with you and help you into it?”

“No, it’s okay!” Jared shook his head frantically even as he hastened into the fitting room. At the sight of his terrified expression, Josephine giggled, the tenderness in her eyes growing all the more pronounced. When Jared walked out in the suit, her eyes lit up at once.

She looked him up and down before commenting in surprise, “I didn’t expect you to have such potential! You’re much more handsome when you wear a suit!” Noticing the admiration in her gaze, Jared couldn’t resist looking at himself in the mirror, only to realize that he indeed appeared far more striking. Ever since he went to prison and started training with Draco, his desire for material things had faded over time.

Despite having some money after being released from prison, he was still wearing his old clothes from before. A wardrobe change had never crossed his mind as training was a better use of his time than shopping for clothes. “What are you planning to have me do with you? Attend a wedding?” he asked. “Never you mind! This is even more important than a wedding!” Pulling him along, Josephine bought him shoes and a watch as well, transforming him into a dapper and handsome man. Jared could only allow her to drag him around, going with the flow.

As they continued shopping, the things on him increased. Not only did Josephine buy him a tie and belt, but she even spent tens of thousands to buy him a small lighter. On the whole, Jared’s entire ensemble cost at least a few hundreds of thousands. “Aren’t you being a bit lavish here?”

Jared was even beginning to feel a touch nervous to walk around while wearing such an expensive outfit. Ah, I really don’t quite understand the mentality of rich people like her. What’s the point of spending hundreds of thousands to buy a suit and tens of thousands on a lighter?

“Nope, not at all. You were dressed too shabbily in the past. I can’t allow you to dress in such a manner anymore in the future, or people will be laughing at me,” Josephine replied placidly. But just after she finished speaking, she abruptly realized her slip of the tongue. At once, her face flushed bright red. Meanwhile, Jared’s lips curved into a smile when he heard that. “Why would people be laughing at you if I’m dressed shabbily?”

At that question, Josephine’s face blazed hotter. Shooting him a glare, she snapped, “I’ve already asked to be your girlfriend in public, so people will naturally take me at my word. Aren’t you just embarrassing me if you dress shabbily? Okay, this matter is now closed. I’m going to the washroom, so wait for me here.” She hurriedly left after making up an excuse.

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