A Man Like None Other Chapter 41

“The two of you are just too much to pick on us, ordinary people, just because you’ve got wealth and power! Everyone, come and see this! The heiress of the Sullivan family is a bully!”
Sandy staunchly refused to wipe Kai’s clothes for him, for she couldn’t get over the contempt within her.
In the past, it had always been him pandering to her and being at her beck and call. For that reason, she couldn’t accept the reality that she was to lower herself before him then.
Right that moment, she feigned weakness, hoping that the people around her would take pity on her and lend her a hand.
While she was trying to seek help from the bystanders, Josephine stepped forward and struck her right across the face without the slightest bit of hesitation, stunning her to the core.
“That’s enough nonsense from you! I said to wipe it off right this instant!” Josephine asserted, her voice leaving no room for negotiation.
Sandy’s hand flew to her face, and she glanced at the crowd around her. Alas, no one spoke up for her. That aside, some timid ones even left quickly, not daring to stay and watch the show any longer.
Left with no other choice, she could only take out a piece of tissue in the face of Josephine’s icy expression. Then, she dragged her feet over to Kai and bent down to wipe the spit off his clothes.
Kai looked down at her with a smirk on his face. But when her hand was a second away from coming into contact with his suit, he dodged it.
Taken aback, Sandy looked up at him.
“I’m afraid that your hand will dirty my clothes.”
After saying that, Kai wiped the spit off himself with a piece of tissue.
“How dare you?”
Sandy’s chest heaved violently, yet she had no retort to that.
“Let’s go!”
Taking Josephine’s hand, Kai strode out of the mall.
As Sandy glowered at their backs, she was so livid that she shook with rage. Gritting her teeth, she spat, “You b*stard, I’ll never forgive you for this, Kai!”
Regretfully, Kai had long since exited the mall and could no longer hear her.
“You’re rather feisty today! But it isn’t quite appropriate with your identity as the heiress of the Sullivan family. Your reputation will be negatively affected if news of this gets out,” Kai said to Josephine when they had left the mall.
“Ah, never mind that! I get mad whenever I see her!” Josephine clenched her jaw, her face still stained with a trace of wrath. In the next moment, she turned to the man. “Were you frightened by my demeanor?”
In response, Kai shook his head with a smile. “Nope! You’re pretty appealing when you get up in arms.”
“Since you like it, how about I do it to you every day?” Josephine inquired, a gleam of something glinting in her eyes.
“No, no…” Kai waved his hands frantically and immediately changed the subject, asking, “Where exactly are you bringing me that you dressed me up so nicely?”
“Mr. Grange is hosting a huge banquet at Glamor Hotel today. Many distinguished people in Horington will be in attendance, and I heard that it’s exceedingly difficult to gain entry, for they don’t even allow the guests to bring their families. Anyway, it’s at my family’s hotel, so I can bring you in without an invitation. Then, you can make the acquaintance of the eminent figures in the city!” Josephine admitted frankly without keeping him in suspense.
Conversely, Kai was torn between laughing and crying after hearing that. Walter is hosting the banquet for my sake, yet she now wants to sneak me in.
“Why are you laughing? I’m serious! Besides, Mr. Grange is purportedly hosting this banquet to introduce a friend of his to the big shots in Horington. Right now, everyone is speculating about that friend of his! And do you know how many people want to attend the banquet this time yet haven’t the right or opportunity to do so? If the banquet weren’t being held at Glamor Hotel, I wouldn’t even have the chance to bring you in! Make sure that you seize this opportunity and make an impression!” Josephine exhorted.
“Okay, I’ll do my best!” Kai chuckled, not telling her the truth so that he could give her a surprise later.
Unwittingly, he could also sense a shift in his feelings toward her. While neither of them said anything, they were both aware of the other’s feelings since some things could be discerned tacitly.

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