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He’s a Charmer by Stacy Travis Review

He’s a Charmer written by Stacy Travis which was published in March 15, 2023. You can read this before He’s a Charmer PDF EPUB full Download at the bottom. This is a really sweet read! A forced proximity, brother’s-best-friend, sports romance that is fun and heartfelt with an honest, emotional and chemistry-filled love story. The third book in the San Francisco Strikers series, this is the story of Linnie (younger sister to Tim from book #2 – He’s a Player) and soccer player, Weston. Though there is some minor character crossover, this book can easily be read as a standalone. Linnie has travelled from England to San Francisco to spend a week with her brother, and after experiencing a bit of a life crisis, she’s keen for a bit of self-reflection to figure out where her life is going. That includes breaking her constant string of one-night stands and short-term hook-ups, and staying far away from men. But shortly after arrival, after a series of random circumstances, she finds herself snowed in at her brother’s mountain cabin, with her brother’s best friend and teammate, and cabin co-owner, Danny Weston. Weston is gorgeous, and exactly the kind of man she would go for, but she’s determined to keep things friendly between them.
Weston is a bit grumpy and closed-off, but he quickly warms up to Linnie’s playful, spirited nature, and they easily bond during their isolation. As they become friendly, their attraction to each other grows, and they talk openly about it, agreeing that any kind of hook up is a recipe for disaster, so they try their best to keep their distance. But the more time they spend together, the more they open up to each other, and the closer they become. The chemistry sizzles, and the slow burn builds beautifully.

Hes a Charmer by Stacy Travis

Brief Summary of He’s a Charmer

Soccer player. Closed off. Stubborn. He’s a guy who has fun with his teammates and friends but also is closed off and has a time when his mood is down in the dumps. Due to a busted pipe, he travels to his mountain cabin that he shares with his best friend. This is less than ideal but a good time to be alone. Until he isn’t. Linnie shows up and changes his plans quick. He finds something about her special. He opens up to her, laughing when he usually sulks. Being stuck in a cabin with his best friends sister in a blizzard isn’t what he expected, but maybe exactly what he needed. Outspoken and sassy. Hot mess. She is finally getting away from her hometown in England to visit her brother in the states. But after a long flight with lots of coffee, she hears him get a call about his cabin. Being impulsive, Linnie takes an unfamiliar long drive to help him out. Not only are roads different in the mountains but so is the weather. A blizzard changes all her plans for this vacation. Especially being stuck there with her brother’s best friend and teammate. She’s on a “man ban” but feels something with Weston she never has before. He’s the first person to look at her as more than a flake, and someone with dreams. Can that feeling last or is the spell broken after the snow melts and she needs to return home? This is a cute book. Very slow burn in my opinion. Linnie was easy to relate to in being a bit of a train wreck who tends to self sabotage, but she felt very real to me. Weston was stubborn but she brought something out in him. They are a cute duo who will make you laugh!

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  •  Novel Title: He’s a Charmer
  •  Author: Stacy Travis
  •  Language: English
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  •  Genre: Sports Romance
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  • Publish Date: March 15, 2023

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