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Artfully Yours by Joanna Lowell Review

Artfully Yours written by Joanna Lowell which was published in February 21, 2023. You can read this before Artfully Yours PDF EPUB full Download at the bottom. Nina Finch has high hopes for her future. Despite the life that she has led with her brother who raised her, she wants to move to the village of Hensthorpe where she’d lived as a child, and open a pastry shop. Nina’s true love is baking, but her talent as an artist has led her to work with her art-forger brother, Jack. She has taken a position in the home of the Duke of Umfreville for one reason, and one reason only, to retrieve a letter mistakenly sent to the duke from the man who sells Nina and Jack’s knock-offs. The art dealer would then be linked to convicted art forger Jack Reeve. Nina successfully finds the letter, and remains in the house kitchen to help the frazzled cook. That is until she hears that the duke’s brother, Alan De’Ath is visiting. De’Ath is the legendary art critic who can spot a forgery from a mile away! Alan has never gotten along with his older brother, and today proves once again that he never will. The duke and his duchess are well known for their awful treatment of their employees, firing them at the drop of a fork, or a meal that doesn’t meet their standards. And Alan is concerned with the way they shelter their young son whom they treat like an invalid. After a lengthy and angry discussion between the brothers, Alan leaves, running into the latest employee fired by his brother. Nina, who is well aware that the duke’s walls are covered with her and her brother’s fake works, isn’t upset when the duke fires her for dropping a tea tray, not to mention her honest retorts to the man. But she’s stunned when De’Ath offers her a job taking dictation from him as he nurses the swollen hand he damaged in the free-for-all with his brother. At her brother’s insistence, Nina takes the job, hoping she can keep apprised of what he’s doing as far as fake artwork is concerned. What neither Nina nor Alan plan on are the sparks that fly between them. Of course, Nina has to be careful to keep Alan from discovering just who she really is, but the man sure can be tempting. Will Alan find out Nina’s secrets? He is determined to find the master forger whose works are cropping up all over London. ARTFULLY YOURS is an enticing tale of two people on opposite sides of the law, not to mention society. Nina is as determined to protect her brother and herself as Alan is to finding the forger. Will their growing attraction for each other be the downfall of one of them? Find out by reading this delightful story!

Artfully Yours by Joanna Lowell

Brief Summary of Artfully Yours

Nina Finch isn’t suited for a life of crime. Raised by her art-forger brother, she can paint like Botticelli. But she’d so much rather be baking gooseberry tarts. She finally has the money she needs to open her own bakery. Unfortunately, her brother’s carelessness lands her—and their forgeries—directly under the nose of London’s most discerning art critic, Alan De’Ath. De’Ath knows the paintings are fake. He doesn’t know that Nina had a hand in their creation. In fact, he offers her a job in his household. Accepting it is the most dangerous thing she has ever done…. Alan takes pride in seeing things other people miss. He plans to catch the forger and cement his reputation. There’s only one problem: the closer he gets to the beguiling woman he hired, the less he trusts his perspective. Nina isn’t what she seems. But despite their false start, she just might hold the real key to his heart. As Nina and Alan’s attraction grows, divided loyalties threaten to pull them apart and shatter their worlds. They’ll lose everything, or discover how powerful true love can be….

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  •  Novel Title: Artfully Yours
  •  Author: Joanna Lowell
  •  Language: English
  •  Formats: PDF/ePub
  •  Status: Available for Download
  •  Genre: Historical British Fiction, Historical Regency Fiction
  •  Price: Free
  •  File Size: 1 MB
  • Publish Date: February 21, 2023

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