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Wait for Dark by Kiersten Modglin Review

Wait for Dark written by Kiersten Modglin which was published in April 30, 2023. You can read this before Wait for Dark PDF EPUB full Download at the bottom.  It took me a while to get involved and feel invested in this book enough to continue reading it. I was surprised as this author’s previous work has always delighted and intrigued me. Not so much though in the beginning as the character and plot seemed so farfetched and unreal to me. Perhaps it’s because I am a physician’s wife and I know the toll it takes for someone to become a doctor. So for me the side hustle of gigolo just doesn’t play out realistically. So I had a good snort or two over the melodramatic descriptions of the poor doctor struggling, as that is close to the truth, especially feeling poor even when your making a six figure salary after residency yet you still have med school debts of several hundred thousand. Those huge loan payments I won’t ever forget. I doubt though my husband would have had enough energy to please multiple woman on the side, even if he was getting paid. Especially an OB/Gyn. The last thing jed want is more vaginas. I mean really! Although I do have to agree with the author, knowing a womandps anatomy gives a huge advantage to after dark adult playtime, doctors definitely know how the ladies equipment operates and his to get their motors revving. A skill many men lack and most men don’t know anatomy of a female much less their Gspot. So I did find that amusing and definitely realistic. Back to the book, so once I convinced myself to let go and just read and believe it could be possible I did find joy and intrigue as the secrets unraveled. I lightened my expectations the first few chapters in and settled in for a quick unveiling of where the characters connection to each other began one night long ago. To me this book was about Grace, forgiveness and moving forward for the sake of chosen family for love, the kind of love that is unconditional, not bitter, and the extreme measures we will take to protect what is ours and what its like to have wronged so deeply. Whether mistake we made as youthful ignorance and indulgence made is feel invincible and how within seconds reality and misjudgement can ruin and then haunt you, no matter how we run or ignore, it’s constantly their the memories of past mistakes. This book reminds us how we must first forgive ourselves or the bitterness will take over and feed the evil that lurks in all of us waiting for the moment it can take over and consume the goodness that also exists in all of us. What does this couple choose? Will the innocence of a baby be sacrificed to save themselves or will decency and forgiveness prevail?who can’t resist a good web of lies, decent and a doctor who moon lights as a gigolo?

Wait for Dark by Kiersten Modglin

Brief Summary of the Book

From million-copy bestselling author Kiersten Modglin, comes a dark and sinister domestic thriller perfect for fans of Marin Montgomery, Rachel Hawkins, and Mary Kubica… They want an ideal life. She’s the only thing standing in their way. The Ashleys are determined to build a future detached from the issues in their pasts, and it seems to be working. They’re happily married. In love. Established in their dream careers. loser than ever to being debt-free. But when a mysterious opportunity arrives with an offer they can’t refuse, everything changes. Soon, they meet her. She’s rich. Powerful. Single-minded in her goals. She is not used to being told no.Worst of all, she knows about the dirty deeds they’ve done in the dark… If they don’t do exactly what she wants, the ramifications of their secrets being exposed are endless. In a battle of wits against a woman who knows too much, the Ashleys find themselves with an impossible choice to make.

eBook Details

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  • Novel Title: Wait for Dark
  • Author: Kiersten Modglin
  • Genre: Psychological Fiction
  • Publish Date: April 30, 2023
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Status: Avail for Download
  • Price: Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the author of Wait for Dark?

A: Kiersten Modglin is the author of Wait for Dark.

Q: What genre is Wait for Dark?

A: The genre of Wait for Dark is a Psychological Fiction

Q: Is Wait for Dark part of a series?

A: No, Wait for Dark is a standalone book.

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