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The Quarry Girls by Jess Lourey Review

The Quarry Girls written by Jess Lourey which was published in 2022-11-1. You can read this before Quarry Girls PDF EPUB full Download at the bottom. The Quarry Girls is a story of secrets gone to seed, and Lourey gives readers her best novel yet which is quite the accomplishment. Jess Lourey’s newest novel based on true Minnesota crimes, teenage Heather and her friend Brenda are like so many of us trying to act adult while still wishing for those simple games of childhood. They were playing an epic game in the town’s underground tunnels when they saw something they couldn’t explain. Jess Lourey once more taps deep into her Midwest roots and childhood fears with The Quarry Girls, an absorbing, true crime–informed thriller narrated in the compelling voice of young drummer Heather Cash as she and her bandmates navigate the treacherous and confusing ground between girlhood and womanhood one simmering and deadly summer. Lourey conveys the edgy, hungry restlessness of teen girls with a touch of Megan Abbott, while steadily intensifying the claustrophobic atmosphere of a small 1977 Minnesota town where darkness snakes below the surface. You may also like City Dark by Roger A.Canaff PDF Download

The Quarry by Jess Lourey

Brief Summary of The Quarry Girls by Jess Lourey ebook

Minnesota, 1977. For the teens of one close-knit community, summer means late-night swimming parties at the quarry, the county fair, and venturing into the tunnels beneath the city. But for two best friends, it’s not all fun and games. Heather and Brenda have a secret. Something they saw in the dark. Something they can’t forget. They’ve decided to never tell a soul. But their vow is tested when their friend disappears—the second girl to vanish in a week. And yet the authorities are reluctant to investigate. Heather is terrified that the missing girls are connected to what she and Brenda stumbled upon that night. Desperately searching for answers on her own, she learns that no one in her community is who they seem to be. Not the police, not the boys she met at the quarry, not even her parents. But she can’t stop digging because she knows those girls are in danger.

The Quarry Girls by Jess Lourey – eBook Details

Before you start Complete The Quarry Girls PDF EPUB by Jess Lourey Download, you can read below technical ebook details:

  • Full Book Name: The Quarry Girls
  • Author Name: Jess Lourey
  • Book Genre: Crime, Fiction, Legal Thriller, Mystery, Mystery Thriller, New York, Suspense, Thriller
  • ISBN # 1542034299
  • Edition Language: English
  • Date of Publication: 2022-11-1
  • PDF / EPUB File Name: The Quarry Girls by Jess Lourey.pdf, The Quarry Girls by Jess Lourey.epub
  • PDF File Size: 4.7 MB
  • EPUB File Size: 1.6 MB

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