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The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix eBook read online or download for free. ” The Ones We Burn” is an impressive book that is now available in various formats including Kindle, ePub, and PDF. If you need this book in any specific format, you can request us.

The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix  Book Review

“The Ones We Burn” is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later. Before starting the reading or downloading, here is the summary of the book that you can read. Ranka is tired of death. All she wants now is to be left alone, living out her days in Witchik’s wild north with the coven that raised her, attempting to forget the horrors of her past. But when she is named Bloodwinn, the next treaty bride to the human kingdom of Isodal, her coven sends her south with a single directive: kill him. Easy enough, for a blood-witch whose magic compels her to kill Except the prince is gentle, kind, and terrified of her. He doesn’t want to marry Ranka; he doesn’t want to be king at all. And it’s his sister—the wickedly smart, infuriatingly beautiful Princess Aramis—who seems to be the real threat.

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Brief Summary The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix

From the beginning, I absolutely loved this book. Ranka’s blood magic is fascinating and heartbreaking, and her position in both her coven and the world isolates her while elevating her above everyone else. The world, the magic, and the characters are lush, while being grounded in problems that feel very real. The group of people at the castle– Ranka, the royal twins (Galen and Aramis), and Percy, the ambassador from one of the isles– have a really wonderful dynamic that made me both laugh and cry at various moments. The Ones We Burn also does a beautiful job at tackling abuse, and what it means when the people we’re close with, the people we love, the people who are supposed to love us, hurt us for their own gain. There are a few lines in particular that are exactly the words I wish someone had said to me years ago, and reading them both broke my heart and inspired me to keep choosing myself, to keep telling myself that I deserve to heal. The Ones We Burn is a fun read, but it is also a deeply powerful one, and I will forever be grateful to Rebecca Mix for writing it, and for putting it out into the world.

Details About The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix

  • Name: The Ones We Burn
  • Author:  Rebecca Mix
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Teen & Young Adult LGBTQ+ Fiction (Books)
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Price: Free

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