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Download Savage Mate by Delta James ePub novel free. “Savage Mate” is an addicting story that can help the reader pass the time. Having this book you couldn’t ask for anything because it can easily keep your attention. The author this books gives her best to entertain the reader with their creative work. Having this amazing novel gives full of enjoy.

Savage Mate by Delta James Review

Savage Mate written by Delta James which was published in February 24, 2023. You can read this before Savage Mate PDF EPUB full Download at the bottom. Jaxson was a Bear shifter and the sheriff of Mystic River. He sets out to find a hiker abandoned by her ex fiancê with a storm approaching. He recognizes that Autum is his fated mate, but she is also human. Their relationship is intense as he spends every moment worshipping her body, but will she accept him as a shifter Breaking her engagement was the intelligent thing to do. Getting lost with a storm coming is not so bright. Being rescued by Jax tickled my fancy. Was it because he spanked and then pleasured her moments after finding her? Was it that she was drooling at the sight of his naked body, or was it that he was the missing part of th puzzle that was missing in her life? Autum had no trouble accepting that Jax was a shifter. She was too accepting for my tastes. This book ticked all of the right boxes in a good shifter story, but I would have liked more drama, more shifting, and more discipline scenes. Overall an entertaining story.

Savage Mate by Delta James

Brief Summary of Savage Mate

Jackson Jax Miller is a grizzly bear shifter, sheriff of Mystic River and the alpha of his clan. He doesn’t date much but did have a friends with benefits relationship with Kyra a lynx shifter. Kyra is his second in command at the police station and the sister of his former friend Colby. They meet when Jax is asked to find Autumn who is lost on the hiking trails with a snow storm due. Jax fights off a polar bear who was up to no good and watched over Autumn until daybreak. Autumn finds the river and discovers an unclothed Jax. She gives him story Dr so he spanks her. They get to his home before the snow storm hits and are stuck there when part of the mountain collapses and blocks the entrance to his cave home. Jax realised Autumn was his fated mate and convinced her to agree to try submission. They fall in love and she plans to move to Mystic River. They go into town and she along with Kyra find the perfect property for her vet clinic except it is owned by Colby. They visit Colby to try to buy the property but he acts like a jerk so they leave. Jax and Autumn are in his SUV when a black snowplow forces them off the road and down an embankment. There is a firefight where Kyra is seriously injured, she shifts into her lynx form and her mate asks Autumn to save her. Jax has to explain about shifters after the surgery. They eventually talk out her concerns and agree to get married/bonded.

eBook Details

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  •  Novel Title: Savage Mate
  •  Author: Delta James
  •  Language: English
  •  Formats: PDF/ePub
  •  Status: Available for Download
  •  Genre: Alternative History
  •  Price: Free
  •  File Size: 1 MB
  • Publish Date: February 24, 2023

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