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Handle Me by Octavia Jensen Review

Handle Me by Octavia Jensen written by Octavia Jensen which was published in March 6, 2023. You can read this before Handle Me by Octavia Jensen PDF EPUB full Download at the bottom. There’s always a bittersweet taste when a dear series comes to an end (I think? Lol), and Eleven has definitely become a dear one last year. Roman is the baby (born minutes after his twin, Q.), daddy’s favorite punch bag, the problematic obe, emo rockstar and only submissive among the brothers. He has lots of problems with alcohol and every now and then ends up at the jail. So daddy dearest decides to hire someone to be his handler, and that someone turns out to be Chloe, his bandmate girlfriend. Clo is pretty mean, specially when she hides his liquor, hence they live in a constant bicker. He calls her Devil Woman. Mas truth be told, Roman loves mean women and is already in love with her at the beginning of the book – and does a terrible job at hiding it. But they form this kind of partnership and Clo really cares about him, she sees Ro is much more than the mess he makes and always stand up for him. And start to realize they would be very compatible in other stuff. Like the fact that Ro is a brat who enjoys being rough handled, and Clo has a need for dominance that her current babe isn’t fulfilling. This books touches more delicate themes than the previous, like the reason why Ro is how he is. I think it was very pretty the way Clo helps him and take a protective stance in the relationship. Ro is the more sensible guy in the family, he could only partner with a Latina so strong as Clo.

Handle Me by Octavia Jensen

Brief Summary of Handle Me

Roman is the twin to Q that we met in the previous book (as well as brother to Harrison and Ethan). He is the “bad” twin who is always getting into mischief and trouble. This leads to him needing a handler that will keep him away from drugs, alcohol, and bad decisions. The woman appointed to be this handler is his bandmates girlfriend: Chloe. Roman desires things out of sexual partners that he is not receiving. He likes to be degraded (because he feels that is what he deserves *cries*). He is our sad, little broken boy. He is the only brother out of the 4 that is not a Dom of some form – so that makes this book instantly intriguing. Chloe is Trace’s girlfriend (Trace is one of the bandmates), although we learn early on that she and Trace do not have a solid relationship. They engage in a couple sexual encounters on page where we learn that Trace cannot give Chloe what she needs in bed. She wants a submissive brat that she can degrade but unfortunately this emasculates Trace too much. They are on a downward spiral toward breaking up but she wants to wait until after the tour ends. We get a lot of flirting and sexual tension between Ro and Clo while she is still technically in a relationship – so if that is not your thing, this may not be the book for you. The only thing that happens prior to her breaking up with Trace is a kiss with Ro. She immediately stops the kiss and breaks up with Trace. The cheating really isn’t that bad.

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  •  Novel Title: Handle Me
  •  Author: Octavia Jensen
  •  Language: English
  •  Formats: PDF/ePub
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  •  Price: Free
  •  File Size: 1 MB
  • Publish Date: March 6, 2023

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