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Download Code Name Ares by Heather Slade ePub novel free. “Code Name Ares” is an addicting story that can help the reader pass the time. Having this book you couldn’t ask for anything because it can easily keep your attention. The author this books gives her best to entertain the reader with their creative work. Having this amazing novel gives full of enjoy.

Code Name Ares by Heather Slade Review

Code Name Ares written by Heather Slade which was published in February 23, 2023. You can read this before Code Name Ares PDF EPUB full Download at the bottom. Heather has truly outdone herself with Ares. I certainly understand her Facebook comment about finally finishing the first book in this new series: K19 Allied Intelligence Team One. In this book we are given more information on how K19 and associated other agencies are forming a coalition to fight human trafficking. Ares is our hero from K19 and Nemesis is our heroine from the UK, and of course they are both extremely headstrong and at times are at logger heads with each other. We also meet the fellow members of this new Team as well as some of the K19 Shadow Ops that make up Team. The storyline is one of learning how they plan to put a stop to the human trafficking that is going on and trying to find the person who is ultimately responsible. And of course how the relationship between Ares and Nemesis proceeds from, I can’t stand you, to well you can guess. Of course other members that we’ve met in the other books show up. Even is you’ve never read Heather before you will enjoy this one. I was given an ARC for my honest review of this book.

Code Name Ares by Heather Slade

Brief Summary of Code Name Ares

Margeaux Jordan AKA Nemesis, is part of England’s famed MI6. Her best friend is also Wren Whittaker, who got her HEA in the Royal Agents of MI6, again why I consider this a cross over novel. All of our old friends come back to visit, including Doc, Merrigan, Razor and Paps, which prior to this book hitting my kindle I’ve been reading the Butler Ranch series. These two are teamed up on a human trafficking task force, and wow talk about instant attraction and a slow burn because Nemesis is fighting it. She crossed the line once before with an American intelligence agent and that didn’t go well for her. She didn’t know his heart really belonged to someone else, and he had his own book with an HEA, that concluded the K19 Shadow ops Team 1 series, Mayhem. Wren also blew that situation more out of proportion than it was.

eBook Details

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  •  Novel Title: Code Name Ares
  •  Author: Heather Slade
  •  Language: English
  •  Formats: PDF/ePub
  •  Status: Available for Download
  •  Genre: Classic Romance Fiction
  •  Price: Free
  •  File Size: 1 MB
  • Publish Date: February 23, 2023

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