A Man Like None Other Chapter 46

“It was the doing of the girlfriend of the heir of the Scott family, Leyton Scott. She used to be Mr. Chance’s girlfriend, but she now feels that she’s superior after hooking up with the Scott family. Hence, she spat on him several times,” Josephine chimed in.
“The Scott family? How bold of them! I’m going to summon Yoel here and question him right this instance!” Walter snarled, slammed his hand onto the table as a frown marred his countenance.
Ah, I now know why he texted to have Yoel kicked out! It turns out that he has such a grudge with the Scott family!
Realization immediately dawned upon everyone there, and they knew that the Scott family was going down. It looked like they had to quickly cut off all business ties with the Scott family!
“There’s no need to be so angry, Mr. Grange. I can resolve such a trifling matter by myself!”
Kai flashed him a faint smile, not at all bothered about the matter.
In that moment, Leyton and Sandy were merely ants in his eyes.
Outside the hotel, the scorching sunlight irritated Leyton greatly.
“Have some water, Ley!”
Sandy handed Leyton a bottle of water.
Taking a huge gulp of water, Leyton dabbed at the sweat beading on his forehead while softly griping, “Why are we waiting here when we can’t go in? This is insanity!”
Despite his grumbles, he didn’t dare leave as he really feared that his father would cut off his allowance for half a year.
Just as he was having a drink of water, he suddenly saw his father walking out of the hotel.
Elation suffused him, and he hastily exclaimed, “My father is coming out, and I’m sure he’s here to inform us that we can go in!”
With Sandy in tow, he rushed up to Yoel.
“Why did you come out, Dad? Was it to tell us that we can go in now?” Leyton asked in excitement.
“Keep on dreaming! Even I’ve been kicked out!” Yoel huffed.
Leyton was startled for a moment before he demanded, “What happened, Dad? Why were you kicked out?”
“How am I to know that? Anyway, let’s leave instead of making a fool of ourselves here!”
Yoel had come in high spirits, but he could only return with his tail tucked between his legs then. Leyton and Sandy, on the other hand, didn’t even get to take a step in the door at all.
The banquet had already begun. About two hours later, it drew to an end. Everyone’s faces were flushed bright red, and they all conversed among themselves in high spirits.
“When did you make Mr. Grange’s acquaintance, Kai? What’s more, he’s so polite to you! And you didn’t even tell me that you’re the guest of honor of the banquet this time!” Josephine grumbled in chagrin. She had pulled Kai aside when she saw her opportunity at long last.
“You didn’t say that you were bringing me to attend a banquet when you dragged me away in a hurry back then. When I later learned about it, I planned to give you a surprise!” Kai explained, grinning from ear to ear.
“Your surprise is really too much! I just about had a heart attack from the fright back then! You’re simply too mean! In the future, you’re not allowed to keep any secrets from me!”
Josephine thumped his chest, but she didn’t put much strength into it. In fact, it was no different from a display of affection between lovers.
Unexpectedly, Kai grabbed her hand, and they both locked gazes.
Neither said anything nor communicated in any way save the interchange of their gazes.
Kai gradually leaned closer to Josephine. Josephine wanted to dodge, but she didn’t move as conflict brewed within her.
Seeing that the man’s lips were mere inches away from her, she closed her eyes and waited for the kiss to arrive.
“There’s a smudge on your face,” Kai murmured out of the blue when she was anxiously waiting.
Josephine opened her eyes, only to see him regarding her with a devilish smirk on his face.
“Ugh! You’re so mean! I’m not talking to you anymore!”
Smacking him hard on the chest, she ran off with a blush staining her face.
When William saw that, a faint smile bloomed on his face, and he headed toward Kai.
“Do you have any plans for your future, Mr. Chance? Are you interested in establishing your own company?” he asked the younger man.
Kai shook his head at once. “Nope.”
All I want to do right now is to train and improve as soon as possible! As for establishing a company and doing business, I really have no interest in that, nor am I suited for that!

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