A Man Like None Other Chapter 44

After going into the hotel, Kai texted Tommy and told him to give Yoel the boot. He didn’t want to dine with the latter, nor did he want the Scott family to know about his identity. In truth, he wanted to see how much longer Leyton and Sandy could provoke him.
In the hotel, everyone surrounded Walter with deferential expressions on their faces.
Some of them were even aware of his penchant for collecting antiques, so they had searched high and low for rare antiques as a gift for him that day.
Beside Walter was a burly middle-aged man with a grim expression who was vigilant at all times. That was his personal bodyguard, Luca Turner. Luca was a retired member of the Dragon Squadron and once protected Walter when the latter was still holding office. When the man stepped down, he did the same and continued guarding him ever since.
Walter would bring Luca along for security purposes every time he attended a public event.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I have some rules at this banquet of mine today. Firstly, I’m not accepting any gifts. Secondly, I’m not going to discuss business. I merely want to introduce a new friend to all of you, so please make yourselves at home,” Walter declared loudly after waving a hand to shush the crowd.
Many people had actually heard about this even before coming, but they were still inexorably surprised when they again heard it from the man himself. They wondered about the impressive background of the person he was going to introduce since he wouldn’t be making such a fanfare otherwise.
“Why isn’t Mr. Chance here yet?” Walter asked Tommy beside him after glancing at the time.
“He’ll probably be arriving soon.” Tommy hadn’t any idea why Kai wasn’t there yet when they had hammered out the details the day before.
No sooner had his words fallen than his phone buzzed. When he saw that it was a message from Kai, he showed it to Walter.
After scanning through it, Walter nodded lightly. “No wonder he hasn’t made an appearance yet. It turns out that there’s such a reason behind it. It was my oversight.”
Upon saying that, he cast his gaze at Yoel in the near distance. Right that moment, Yoel was also anticipating the appearance of the young man Walter spoke of. Someone whom Walter Grange attaches such importance on is definitely no ordinary person! If I get an in with such a person, the Scott family might be able to surpass the Sullivan family!
While he was thinking along those lines, he noticed Walter looking at him before he started, “Mr. Scott…”
As soon as Yoel heard that, he hastily rushed forward. “Mr. Grange… Is there anything I can do for you?”
“You’re not allowed to attend the banquet today, so please go back.”
Walter ordered him to leave right in front of all the guests there.
Hearing that, Yoel was stunned, and he gaped at the man in disbelief. “Mr. Grange, I—”
Without even waiting for him to finish speaking, Walter waved a hand. “Someone, escort him out!”
While Yoel was very much confounded, he couldn’t shamelessly stay there, so he had no choice but to whirl around and leave.
Following that, everyone wondered whether the Scott family had offended Walter.
By then, Josephine had already sneaked in with Kai. The two of them were watching secretly in a corner.
“Let’s hide first. We’ll go out when the banquet begins in a while. Then, we won’t get caught so easily,” Josephine murmured as she surreptitiously poked her head out.
“Why should we hide? Since we’re here, let’s just go out openly!”
Right after saying that, Kai walked straight out.
Stricken, Josephine quickly stepped forward to pull him back. Alas, all she grasped was empty air.
“Mr. Chance is here!” Tommy exclaimed in exhilaration when he spotted Kai.
Upon hearing that, Walter raised his eyes. The instant he caught sight of Kai, delight showed on his face, and he strode toward the younger man.
Among the crowd, William broke out in a cold sweat when he saw Kai making an appearance and Walter heading straight for the man.
Crap! I was the one who told Josephine to sneak him in, so I’m dead if Mr. Grange finds out about it!

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