A Man Like None Other Chapter 43

Leyton cast his gaze over when he heard Sandy’s remark, only to see that it was indeed Kai. His eyes glinted coldly, and he strutted over.
Seeing that, Sandy hurriedly trailed after him, glowering at Kai with resentment burning hotly in her eyes. The incident at the mall earlier remained vivid in her mind.
“Do you think you’re worthy of being here, Kai? Are you aware of the statuses of the people here today? Do you think you’re an elite just because you’ve put on new clothes?” Leyton regarded Kai with an air of arrogance.
On the contrary, Kai merely threw him a chilly look before ignoring him altogether.
“Where’s your domineering demeanor back when you were at the mall earlier, Kai? And where’s your beautiful Ms. Sullivan? Why didn’t she bring you in? Could it be that even she couldn’t get in? Pah!” Sandy again spat at Kai, convinced that he wouldn’t dare order her to wipe it off with Leyton there this time.
At that, Kai’s face went glacial. “Mark my words. You’ll be licking it off like a dog later!”
“Haha!” Laughing uproariously, Sandy spat at him again. “Who do you think you are that I’ll be licking it off you? You’re just an ex-convict! What’s so great about you?”
Then, she raised her voice and hollered, “Everyone, look here! An ex-convict is all dressed up to attend the banquet! He doesn’t even know his place!”
Her shout attracted many people who all gathered to watch the show.
Nevertheless, Kai remained indifferent as he watched her incessant acting.
“Who’s that, Leyton? He doesn’t seem familiar,” a young man about Leyton’s age asked out of the blue.
After all, everyone who came was people of high standing in Horington or their family members. Therefore, they were either acquainted or had seen each other in passing.
Kai, however, appeared exceedingly unfamiliar and didn’t seem to be someone from the elite classes. For that reason, someone asked Leyton about him out of curiosity.
“Oh, him? He’s my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. He was her lapdog for three years but didn’t even get to hold her hand. Later, I put him in prison, and he was there for three years. He was just released two days ago,” Leyton explained with a derisive expression.
Following his words, everyone around them threw contemptuous looks at Kai since people of high statuses like them were loath to be anywhere near an ex-convict like him.
Everyone promptly shied far away and started whispering about the man. Despite that, Kai remained calm and unruffled as though he couldn’t hear anything.
“You’ve really gotten shameless after your time in prison, Kai! Do you still have the nerve to stay now that things have come to this?” Sandy derided with a layer of frost on her face when she saw that the man wasn’t at all bothered.
“Kai!” At that precise moment, Josephine was done making the arrangements and returned.
The second she caught sight of Sandy and Leyton, she instantly frowned. “What are the two of you doing here?”
“We’re naturally here to attend the banquet!” Sandy proclaimed proudly.
She wasn’t afraid of Josephine with Leyton by her side, backing her up.
Pfft! Josephine burst out laughing upon hearing that. “Attend the banquet? Why are the two of you still standing here, then? Is it because you don’t have an invitation and couldn’t even get past the door?”
Sandy opened her mouth, but no words came out because they indeed hadn’t an invitation and couldn’t enter.
At the look on her face, Josephine’s lips curved upward. Taking Kai’s hand, she declared, “Come, let’s go in!”
When Sandy saw that they were going in, she was promptly startled. “Do you two have an invitation?”
“I’m not telling you that!” Josephine retorted with a smug smile.
Sandy felt as though she was on the verge of bursting a blood vessel. But when she noticed them heading toward the back entrance, realization dawned upon her at once. “Ley, they’re planning to sneak in via the back entrance! They don’t have an invitation either!”
Leyton had also worked that out, so he swiftly stepped forward and blocked their path. “How could you two sneak in the back entrance when you don’t have an invitation? I’m going to expose you both!”
“Are you dumb, Leyton? Glamor Hotel is my family’s property, so I can enter from wherever I want! What can you do even if I want to jump in through the window?” Josephine questioned as she eyed him as though he was an idiot.
At once, Leyton was left without a single retort.
“Keep a close eye on them. Kick them out if they dare sneak in from the back entrance!” Josephine ordered the few security guards.
“Understood, Ms. Sullivan!”
The bodyguards immediately trained their gazes on Sandy and Leyton.
Meanwhile, Josephine entered the hotel from the back entrance while dragging Kai along. As Leyton and Sandy stared at the couple’s backs, intense fury brewed within them.

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