A Man Like None Other Chapter 42

Yoel rushed to Horington Hospital and tossed a suit at Leyton, ordering, “Change and come with me!”
“I’m recuperating, Dad! Where are you bringing me?” Leyton inquired with bemusement etched on his face.
“To a banquet!” Yoel answered.
“I don’t want to go. My arm is broken, and I’m now recuperating. Why should I attend some banquet?”
Leyton instantly lost interest after hearing that.
He had attended quite a number of banquets, and they involved nothing more than feasting and drinking besides singing each other’s praises. Furthermore, he would have to wear a suit that would keep him very much uncomfortable. Hence, he didn’t feel like going.
“Do you know who’s hosting the banquet this time, you b*stard? It’s Mr. Grange! Everyone who’s someone in Horington is attending the banquet! As such, ensure that you make a good impression this time! I’ll be handing the businesses of the Scott family to you in the future, and I don’t want you to run them to the ground!” Yoel snarled, smacking him upside the head.
The instant Leyton heard that Walter was hosting the banquet, he didn’t dare utter a single word of protest anymore. He hastily changed, but he couldn’t manage with a broken arm.
“Where is your girlfriend? Where did she go instead of taking care of you here? Call her over and have her help you out! I want to see you at Glamor Hotel at eleven o’clock later. Don’t be late! I’ve still got something else to do, so until later!”
Yoel left as soon as he had finished speaking.
Glancing at the time, Leyton didn’t dare tarry anymore. He gave Sandy a call and ordered her over right away.
At half-past ten in the morning, the entrance of Glamor Hotel was already cluttered with luxurious cars. All the prominent figures from the political and business circles had arrived early, long before the banquet would begin.
They all greeted each other and exchanged pleasantries before entering the hotel with their invitations in hand, one after another.
However, their accompanying family members could only wait outside the hotel.
Walter only invited the head of each family and the leader of each department to the banquet this time because he wanted to reduce the number of attendees. He was afraid that Kai would be annoyed if there were too many people and it became too noisy.
Leyton, too, came with an arm in a cast while Sandy supported him at his side. When Sandy saw the countless big cheeses there, her excitement was so great that her heart almost pounded out of her chest.
“Stand here and be on your best behavior! Don’t cause any trouble for me as the attendees this time are no ordinary people!” Yoel cautioned Leyton.
“Am I not going in, Dad?”
Bewilderment was written all over Leyton’s face. Huh? He asked me to come here, yet he’s not allowing me to go in?
“Of course not! Only the heads of each family or leaders of different ranks are invited to the banquet this time! What right do you have to enter?” Yoel snapped, glaring at him.
At once, disgruntlement swamped Leyton. “Why did you call me here if I can’t enter? I’m going to burn to a crisp outside!”
Hearing that, Yoel was tempted to kick his idiotic son hard.
Plenty of people are waiting outside. Is he saying that they’re all fools? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Making acquaintances can only be beneficial to the development of one’s company. Alas, all he knows to do are eat, drink, and play! He never considers anything else!
“Mark my words that I’m going to cut off your allowance for half a year if I don’t see you when I come out!” he threatened, afraid that his son would take off at a whim.
As soon as Leyton heard that his allowance for half a year was at stake, he shuddered in fright and nodded fervently. “I won’t be going anywhere! I’ll be waiting right here!”
Finally, Yoel entered the hotel with peace of mind, leaving Leyton and Sandy to bake in the sun at the entrance.
Right then, Kai and Josephine arrived as well.
“Wait for me here. I’ll go and make arrangements for us to sneak in through the back entrance,” Josephine said to Kai after alighting from the car.
Kai nodded in acquiescence.
Josephine then left to make the arrangements while Kai stood there and waited around. Everyone there was from the upper echelons of society, so he didn’t know any of them. As such, he could only fiddle with his phone.
Having sharp eyesight, Sandy spotted Kai at once. When she noticed him scrolling through his phone with no one paying him the slightest mind, a sneer immediately bloomed on her face.
“Ley, isn’t that Kai? How’s someone like him worthy of attending the banquet?” she whispered to Leyton.

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