A Man Like None Other Chapter 38

Chapter 38,A Man Like None Other

When Jared arrived home, his parents weren’t around. He figured they were out for a stroll which he thought would do them good. Without anyone to interrupt, he stayed in his room and continued his training. With no time to waste, he trained as hard as he could. After all, he wasn’t sure what he was going to face on the fifteenth of July. Although Draco promised him a wonderful opportunity, he was worried that the opportunity could also be dangerous too.

Sitting with his legs folded, he chanted the mantra of the Focus Technique. As his abdomen began to move, the surrounding spiritual energy was gradually drawn into his body. Jared continued training the entire night and even missed dinner. Huff! The moment he opened his eyes, he puffed out a ball of turbid air. “I didn’t expect the vengeful dragons to be so powerful.” Gently clenching his fist, Jared felt the power coursing through his veins. Evidently, he had made a breakthrough. At that moment, Jared had reached Level Five Energy Cultivation.

When he was in prison, he had only achieved Level Four under Draco’s guidance. Hence, he was ecstatic and pleasantly surprised to have ascended to Level Five after absorbing the nine vengeful dragons’ energy. Jared felt as if he had found a shortcut for his training. As long as he absorbed the energy generated from hatred and vengeance, he was able to advance his training at exponential speeds. Nevertheless, it was a shame that an encounter with such objects depended on luck, given how rare they were. After exhaling gently, Jared got out of bed and straightened his clothing.


At that moment, Hannah’s voice rang out. “Is that you, Ms. Sullivan? Although I can’t see, I can recognize you from your footsteps.” “Mrs. Chance, you’re really sharp!” Josephine replied with a smile. “Don’t be a stranger. Just call me Josephine.” “You’re right, you’re right. Josephine it is!” Hannah’s face lit up as she nodded repeatedly. “Are you here to see Jared? He’s still holed up in his room.” Turning, she then yelled in the direction of Jared’s room, “Jared, get up, quick!

Josephine is here to see you.” “Mrs. Chance, there’s no need to shout. I’ll go get him myself.” Upon saying that, Josephine headed toward Jared’s bedroom. When Hannah heard Josephine’s footsteps walking toward her son’s bedroom, she was so excited that she almost jumped for joy. “That son of mine even lied to me about them just being ordinary friends! Do ordinary friends go straight to the bedroom?


I’m dying to see how my future daughter-in-law looks like,” Hannah mumbled to herself. Walking up next to her, Gary whispered into her ear, “Darling, let me tell you, Ms. Sullivan is the prettiest girl in the city!” “Really?” Hannah was surprised as she was aware of how high Gary’s standards were. Back when Jared was still together with Sandy, Gary had objected to their relationship. Now that he had made an approving comment, Hannah was certain that Josephine was undoubtedly a great beauty. “My son is really something. Despite having just been released from prison, he’s found a girlfriend and even hid her from us!”

Hannah beamed with pride. “That goes without saying, especially when you think about who he takes after. With my genes, there’s no way he can go wrong.” At that moment, Gary was proud of his son. Instead of the gloomy expression he had in the past, he was now smiling all the time. “Enough, stop boasting. Anyway, take me someplace else right now so that both of them can have some privacy.” As she spoke, Hannah pulled Gary out of the mansion.

Meanwhile, Josephine pushed Jared’s bedroom door open and entered. When she saw Jared standing by his bed with his clothes smoothed out, she was stunned. “So you were already up?” “Why? Do you not want me to get up? Or do you want to see me naked?” Jared teased.


“Pfft, no one wants to see you naked.” Josephine rolled her eyes. Nevertheless, she was slightly excited by his quip. The fact that he was joking with her meant that their relationship had improved significantly. “There’s something I need your help with. Come with me!” Without waiting for him to respond, Josephine pulled him along.


Before he could ask her where they were going, Josephine had led him into the car. Checking his watch, he realized that he still had some time before the banquet Walter organized in his honor happened. Hence, he allowed Josephine to tow him wherever she wanted.

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