A Man Like None Other Chapter 22

Upon hearing that, the security guards started panicking, and they all took out their batons. If the other residents were to find out that an ex-convict was present in the vicinity, the security guards would be in big trouble. “Jared, why don’t you just get lost? Please bring along your blind mother and your sanitation worker father. Do you really want to wait until the security guards put their hands on them?” Warrick continued mocking. “What did you just say?”

Jared clenched his fists angrily. “What? Are you going to hit me?” Warrick teased. He then laughed hysterically and walked toward Jared. “I suppose you might’ve learned a move or two in jail, but do you know where you’re at? Trust me; I will send you back in there if you dare to lay a finger on me.” He then put on an arrogant face and shoved Jared. Seemingly frightened, Hannah softly gave Jared’s elbow a nudge and pleaded, “Jared, let’s just leave.”

Hannah was afraid that Jared might get himself in trouble again. Since Jared had a criminal record, the authority might not be lenient toward him if a commotion were to break out. She definitely wouldn’t be able to handle it if Jared were to be sent back to jail. At the same time, Gary was also getting increasingly worried. He stared at Jared and said, “Get our things now. We should leave. This is so humiliating.”

Gary then started to pick up their luggage as he was determined to leave immediately. He could no longer bear the humiliation. “Hahaha. Yes, get lost! If I ever see you again, I’ll take my revenge and beat you up!” Warrick pointed at Jared. “All right, let’s get back into the car. It’s embarrassing to be seen talking to these people!” Sandy yelled at Warrick. After they had all gotten back into the car, they drove straight into Dragon Bay. “Mom, wait! I’m telling the truth! My friend really lent this mansion to me!” Jared reassured Hannah. “Wait? What are we waiting for?

Do you really want us to be dragged out of here?” Gary was fuming. Just when Jared was about to retaliate, he saw how old and weak his father had grown. Because of that, he swallowed his pride and kept his mouth shut. At that moment, the security guard that took the key had returned. When he saw Jared, he said to him apologetically, “Mr. Chance, I’m so sorry. We’ve made a mistake. We’re a bunch of fools! We’ll send you up this instance!”

After he said that, he turned and ordered the rest of the security guards, “Keep all your batons! Go get the car now, and send Mr. Chance and his family in!” “Roger that!” The security guards nodded frantically. Then they brought a car and escorted Jared and his parents into Dragon Bay. While in the car, Gary’s expression had changed. He had no idea what to say to Jared because he was skeptical of him the whole time.

“Oh my god, Jared! How generous of your friend to lend you a mansion!” Hannah was extremely excited to be in Dragon Bay and to be able to smell the fragrance of the flowers. “Don’t worry, Mom. If there’s an opportunity, I’ll definitely bring you to meet this friend of mine!” Jared knew that Hannah was dying to know who his generous friend was.

So, he planned to let Josephine meet his parents in the near future. Sandy and the others had arrived at a mansion halfway up the mountain. Sandy stopped the car, and they got out. “Sandy, I’m so envious of you! This mansion is magnificent! I’d trade ten years of my life just to have a mansion like this!”

Juliette exclaimed when she saw Sandy’s mansion. “This is nothing! The prices for mansions here at Dragon Bay depend on how high it is located at the mountain. Do you see the one at the top of the mountain? That’s the most expensive one. I wonder who bought it!” Sandy pointed at the mansion on the mountain top.

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