A Man Like None Other Chapter 20

As for the ten million, Jared still hadn’t told his parents about it because he had no idea how to explain where it came from. I can’t possibly tell them that after three years of imprisonment, not only did their son pick up some divine martial art, but he also became the overlord of the Dragon Sect. They’re going to think that I’ve gone crazy! “Your friend’s house? Where is it?” Hannah was curious. “It’s at Dragon Bay!”

Jared said as calmly as he possibly could. “What?” Hannah and Gary both exclaimed in shock. Dragon Bay was the most luxurious area in Horington. It was occupied only by the rich and famous. So expensive that even if Gary had not lost his job, he could’ve never been able to afford to stay there in his lifetime. “What friend of yours, exactly? Not only could he afford a house there, but he’s also lending it to you?” Gary asked sternly. “Umm… You wouldn’t know even if I told you!”

Jared answered unconvincingly. “Hmph!” Gary scoffed and continued, “Do you think you can fool us? Firstly, how could you have made such a friend? Secondly, there’s no way someone would lend others a house at Dragon Bay. Have you not learned anything else in prison other than bluffing? How about you just find a proper job and stop daydreaming?” Feeling unconvinced, Gary continued to put on his work clothes, and he was about the leave for work. “Dad, how could you say I’m bluffing if you haven’t even seen the house yet? Why can’t you just give me some credit?

Regardless of what you think, I’m determined to move us there today!” Jared yelled in annoyance. Throughout his life, Gary had never once given Jared the recognition he deserved. Even when Jared was once made a president of the student council in the university due to his exemplary academic results, Gary refused to acknowledge his achievement. It was just how Gary was, as a father. “All right, all right!” Hannah tried to calm Jared down.

“Gary, your son has just gotten back home. Why can’t you be nicer toward him?” After giving Gary an earful, Hannah turned toward Jared. “Jared, I believe you. Why don’t you bring me to Dragon Bay for a spin? I’ve never been there!” “Okay, Mom. I’ll get us a taxi right away. In the meantime, please pack up our things!” Jared then walked out. When he was walking past Gary, he whispered, “Dad, I’m telling the truth. Follow me, and you’ll see for yourself.”

After some hesitation, Gary complied and packed up his things as well. Three of them had finally arrived at Dragon Bay in a taxi. There were two intimidating-looking security guards standing at the entrance. In fact, even being a security guard at Dragon Bay was considered an incredible feat. There was no way one could get the job without some connections with respected individuals. When the security guards saw the taxi approaching, one of them rushed up toward it.

While blocking the entrance, he asked with a puzzled tone, “What are you doing here?” Throughout his three years being a security guard at Dragon Bay, he had never seen someone entering in a taxi. That was because all of the residents in the area were filthy rich. They all had their own cars and even personal drivers.

“I’m a resident here!” Jared said calmly after getting out of the car. “Resident?” The security guard sized Jared up before casting a glance at his parents. Feeling unconvinced, the guard sneered, “I’ve seen so many people just like you! If you were hoping to take a tour around Dragon Bay, I suggest you turn around and leave.” The guard had made it clear that he didn’t believe Jared one bit. After seeing three of them in simple clothes, he was certain that none of them looked like they could afford a house in Dragon Bay.

Due to the prestige of Dragon Bay, there were indeed a lot of commoners who would disguise themselves as residents just to go in and have a peek. Hence, the security guard thought that Jared was no different.

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