A Man Like None Other Chapter 18

“Your servant, Tommy Lewis, the head of the Templar Regiment, is at your service, My Lord!” “At your service, My Lord!” the few hundred members of the Templar Regiment echoed in unison. That gave Jared a great shock, for he wasn’t aware that he had such a status. “Uh… H-Have you gotten the wrong person? I’m not your overlord!” He shook his head profusely. “The person wearing the Dragon Ring is the overlord of the Dragon Sect.

There’s no mistake about it!” Tommy asserted. At that remark, a fragment of memory flashed across Jared’s mind. Back when I was in prison, Draco kept insisting that he was the overlord of the Dragon Sect. Later, he gave me a ring. It looks like it’s precisely because of the ring that Tommy claims that I’m the overlord of the Dragon Sect! “You mean it’s because of this ring I’m wearing?” Jared inquired after slipping the ring off. “Yes.

That’s the Dragon Ring of the Dragon Sect. According to the rules of the Dragon Sect, whoever wears it is the overlord of the Dragon Sect!” Tommy explained, lifting his head and staring at the ring in the man’s hand. Feeling a tad discomforted to see them all kneeling, Jared waved a hand. “Please get to your feet first.” “Thank you, My Lord!” Tommy and the members of the Templar Regiment all stood up. “I’ll be honest with you.

I’m really not your overlord, for someone gifted me this ring. You’re truly gotten the wrong person!” Jared clarified. “We only acknowledge the Dragon Ring, not the person himself. Since you’re in possession of the Dragon Ring, you’re our overlord!” Tommy replied respectfully. Hearing that, Jared was speechless. It seems that Draco deliberately passed his position to me! “Are you all members of the Dragon Sect?”

he queried. “Yes. The Dragon Sect has a total of thirteen regiments, and the Templar Regiment is just one of them. However, I’m not familiar with the members of the other regiments, and we seldom communicate. The only exception is when we’re summoned by our overlord. Otherwise, we can’t simply reveal our identities,” Tommy explained. Words eluded Jared after he heard that. A single Templar Regiment can shake up the entire city of Horington with a single stomp of its foot, so the Dragon Sect must be terrifyingly powerful if there are thirteen such regiments!

“Other than the thirteen regiments in Chanaea, My Lord, we also have branches all over the world. However, I don’t know anything specific since my rank is too low.” As Tommy’s words fell, Jared’s shock intensified. Whoa! They have branches all over the world? That’s astounding! I really don’t quite understand how a sloppy guy like Draco could actually be such a mighty figure! At that very moment, he was anticipating the arrival of the 15th of July.

Perhaps I’ll know more about the Dragon Sect at that time! After his momentary shock, he waved a hand and ordered, “You may all be dismissed. I’ll look for you if I need anything.” “Understood!” Tommy bowed slightly. He then left with his men, but Jared remained motionless. His emotions were chaotic for a long time as he was overwhelmed by the sudden identity bestowed upon him. Meanwhile, William and Josephine hadn’t left Glamor Hotel but went to the manager’s office on the top floor. It was the Sullivan family’s property, so they could go anywhere they wanted.

“Were you serious when you said that to Mr. Chance just now, Josephine?” William questioned with his eyes glued on Josephine. “What are you referring to?” In response, Josephine played dumb. “Drop that act! I know my daughter best. Do you think I’m unaware of your thoughts?” William retorted with a smirk. “Dad, I was just helping him out earlier. How could I possibly have fallen for him when we’ve just gotten acquainted?”

Josephine rolled her eyes at him, but a blush stained her cheeks. “He’s quite good. He has above-average looks, and his medical skills are impressive. But I’m just not sure how he fares in other aspects…” William had a good impression of Jared, but medical skills alone weren’t enough to be the son-in-law of the Sullivan family.

After all, Josephine was his only daughter, so he would be handing the businesses of the Sullivan family to her. As such, he had to find someone who could help her manage the company.

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