A Man Like None Other Chapter 16

In an instant, everyone was stunned. After all, no one in Horington dared to go against Tommy’s orders. But that day, the seemingly ordinary Jared wasn’t showing him any respect at all. Tommy’s expression turned chilly, and his eyes radiated murder. Off to the side, Leyton was close to bursting with laughter as he inwardly crowed, Kill him! Finish him off! “Mr. Chance, h-hurry up and apologize to Mr. Lewis!” Josephine hastily tugged at Jared’s sleeve, feeling so apprehensive that she was drenched in a cold sweat. “How dare you go against Mr. Lewis, kid?

You must have a death wish!” one of Tommy’s lackeys roared as he swung his fist at Jared. “Mr. Lewis, I apologize on behalf of Mr. Chance!” William descended into a panic when he saw that Tommy’s lackey was about to make a move. However, he didn’t dare order his men to act since his dozens of security guards were no match for Tommy’s several hundred lackeys, even if he were to risk his life. The ending would be the same, but the Sullivan family would only be dragged into the mess.

Tommy said nothing, neither entertaining his apology nor ordering his lackey to stop. That lackey of his was tall and burly and was almost a head taller than Jared. Not only that, he was bulging with muscles. Therefore, Jared would probably be crippled even if he didn’t die from that single blow. Both Leyton and Sandy regarded Jared with a sneer. Warrick and Juliette likewise anticipated seeing his pitiful state in a moment, waiting to see him make a fool of himself. That went doubly for the former since he was still hurting badly from the slap that sent him flying earlier.

Therefore, he wanted to see Jared crippled. But just as the lackey’s fist drew close to Jared’s face, Jared reached out and caught the gigantic fist. No matter how much force the man exerted, he found that he simply couldn’t move his hand. At that sight, everyone was bowled over. Even Tommy couldn’t help taking a closer look at Jared. Alas, he felt as though he was on the verge of a heart attack when he truly scrutinized the man.

He had obviously noticed the bronze-colored ring on Jared’s finger as well as the carved dragon on it. The Dragon Ring! That’s the Dragon Ring! The person who wears the Dragon Ring is the overlord of the Dragon Sect! He fell into a trance for a moment. In the next second, he bellowed, “Get the hell away! Who asked you to make a move?” After roaring at his lackey, he sent the man flying with a kick. “Please forgive my ignorance, Mr. Chance!”

Tommy hastily apologized to Jared. He had never expected the overlord of the Dragon Sect to grace the insignificant Horington with his presence when the Dragon Sect was the most mysterious organization in the entire world. With a mere flick of its finger, the whole world would tremble. In fact, Tommy’s Templar Regiment was under the command of the Dragon Sect. The Dragon Sect had a total of thirteen regiments in the whole of Chanaea, and the Templar Regiment was only one of them.

However, when they weren’t summoned, the regiments operated independently without revealing their identities. For that reason, Tommy could only address Jared as Mr. Chance right then. Seeing his sudden change of attitude toward Jared, everyone was bewildered. They had no idea what he was trying to do. Even Jared himself was quite taken aback. “Do I not need to apologize anymore?” he questioned tentatively with his gaze fixated on Tommy.

“No, of course not! How would I dare ask that you apologize, Mr. Chance? Please just say the word if you have any requests!” Stricken with terror, Tommy quickly shook his head. No matter what, I wouldn’t dare ask the overlord of the Dragon Sect to apologize! “I said they won’t be getting married if I attend the wedding,” Jared commented placidly.

Nodding, Tommy turned and announced loudly, “The wedding today is canceled! Everyone can get lost now!” “Mr. Lewis…” Yoel gaped at him, nonplussed. If the wedding is called off, the Scott family will become the laughingstock of Horington!

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