A Man Like None Other Chapter 11

As Jared stared at the woman whose face was caked with makeup, a glimmer of repugnance showed on his face. The woman was Juliette Jones, and she was his former classmate. She had even pursued him back when they were still studying. At that time, his father had a proper job that was considered secure, so there was no shortage of girls trying to woo him. However, he didn’t like her and got together with Sandy instead. He felt that the latter was far better compared to the materialistic Juliette, both in terms of looks and personality. But from the look of things now, both of them are just the same kind of people!

I made the wrong call! “Why aren’t you saying anything when I’m your former classmate? Have you gone mute? You were pretty impressive back during our university days, even holding the post of president of the student council. What do you think the dean and lecturers would say if they were to learn that a student who was excellent in character and grades became an ex-convict after graduating?”

the young man beside Juliette chimed in. The young man was Warrick Fox, and he used to be Jared’s roommate. They used to be very close, but he also had a crush on Sandy. When he saw Jared dating Sandy, he held a grudge against the man. He tried to break them apart multiple times, but alas, to no avail. They severed ties after that, neither contacting the other after graduating from university. Well, the fact that they’re both here at the same time probably means that Sandy invited them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have the right to attend the wedding.

Jared merely swept a glance over them before dipping his head and sipping at his water quietly. He wasn’t in the mood to bother with them. When Juliette and Warrick saw him lowering his head, they grew increasingly smug, mistakenly assuming that he was afraid of them. “Jared, I’m sure you haven’t found a job when you’ve only just gotten out of prison. Do you want me to recommend you for the job of cleaning toilets? While it’s somewhat dirty and tiring, you can at least make a living.

Your father has lost his job now, so it’s of no use to pin your hopes on him.” A triumphant smile bloomed on Warrick’s face, and he was over the moon that he could step all over Jared then. Back during our university days, I wouldn’t have lost to him if it weren’t for his father having a secure job! “Don’t talk nonsense, Warrick. How could the president of the student council clean toilets? At the very least, get him a clean job. How about cleaning the streets instead?”

Juliette countered, giggling with a hand over her mouth. “Haha…” Warrick and Juliette’s ridicule of Jared had Baldy and the guests doubling over in laughter. At that precise moment, Jared slowly raised his head. “If the two of you don’t want to die, hurry up and leave this place!” His expression was indifferent, and his tone was mild without a hint of anger, but Warrick and Juliette both shuddered upon hearing that.

Juliette, especially, felt a chill engulfing her. It was as though her entire person was encased in ice, and she didn’t even dare look him in the eye. All of a sudden, the scornful words she had prepared beforehand got stuck in her throat. A long time passed before Warrick abruptly exploded as though he had suffered a great insult. His face contorted into a mask of rage, and he barked at Jared, “Why are you acting all high and mighty when you’re an ex-convict?

You don’t even dare do a single thing though your girlfriend is marrying someone else, so why are you talking big here?” “Exactly! Are you venting your wrath at us because you know that the Scott family is wealthy, so you don’t dare offend them? We’re no easy prey either!” Juliette berated as she snapped back to her senses as well, jabbing a finger at Jared. “You’d better not provoke me.” Having said that, Jared lowered his head once more.

“Damn it! So what if I want to provoke you! What would you dare do to me? This is Mr. Leyton’s wedding…” As Warrick tore into Jared, he stepped forward and grabbed the latter’s collar, hauling him from the chair. In all honesty, they were only targeting Jared to curry favor with Leyton, convinced that their careers would be smooth sailing after they got themselves in the latter’s good graces. Hoisting Jared higher, Warrick was just about to make a move against him when Jared smacked him right across the face.

Slap! A slap so resounding that it startled everyone in the entire banquet hall pierced the air. Warrick flew back and slammed against a table hard. Crash! The table splintered into a million pieces while the plates and glasses all fell to the ground, smashing to smithereens. All the guests swung their gazes over, none of them paying Leyton and Sandy on the stage any mind. Even Leyton and Sandy themselves couldn’t help looking in the direction of the commotion.

“Damn it! You’re really courting death!” When Baldy saw that Jared had gotten physical, excitement suffused him. “Get him and kill him!” he bellowed. At last, he could avenge his grudge with justifiable reason. Aware that Jared had some fighting skills, he didn’t act personally but ordered the dozen of lackeys behind him to do it instead.

“Kid, it’s a death wish that you dare make a scene at Mr. Leyton’s wedding!” A dozen goons with batons in their hands charged at Jared. When the guests saw that, they all unwittingly shook their heads, knowing that Jared had no hope of surviving.

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